Factors That Influence the Cost of a Home Lift Installation

Individuals may be hesitant to contact a Singapore lift installation company as they are concerned about the cost of installing one of these devices. Many factors play a role in the cost of installation. Following are four things that will play a role in how much a person pays for this process.

The Size

Size impacts the cost one will pay for a home lift. The devices vary in size from a cabin that can carry two individuals to one that can easily hold five people. Medical devices need to be taken into consideration when choosing a lift also. Do one or more family members use a wheelchair or will a medical bed need to be moved between floors? This needs to be factored in when determining the size for the lift.

The Weight Limit

A small home lift may be able to carry 500 pounds. In contrast, some home lifts are capable of transporting 1,500 pounds. Again, the weight of any medical devices needs to be factored in when considering which weight capacity is appropriate. The more weight the lift can carry, the higher the cost in most cases.

The Power Source

Multiple power options are available for home lifts. Some individuals choose a pneumatic vacuum traction lift, for example, and this costs less than a large hydraulic motor. Hydraulic lifts tend to cost the most, although there will be exceptions to this rule.

The Cab Height

Most cabs are a standard height. In the event the family wishes to have the height of the cab extended, the cost will increase accordingly. Families need to remember this and choose a height that allows them to accomplish the desired tasks without adding more space simply for the purpose of doing so.

The best way to determine the cost of installing a lift in the home is to speak to a company offering this service. The company evaluates the home and the needs of the family before making recommendations on a lift. With this information, the cost of home lift installation can be determined. Any company that offers a price over the phone or internet without taking these steps should be avoided, as the price will likely increase once they arrive at the home or the project begins.