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Branding is one of the reasons that a company convinces users to buy its services. Though branding has many facets, the most basic of them is having a website. Now having a website is fine, but the thing that lasts long after it is launched is its name. Only one company comes to mind when it comes to domain name registration – GoDaddy.

GoDaddy was launched by Bob Parsons in the year 1997. It helped register domain names and host websites for 15 years. It also offers 24/7 tech support as well as integration with Office 365. A neat feature of GoDaddy is the ‘WHOIS Search’ function, which lets you check if the domain name is already taken for grabs. It even offers decent prices for hosting, with good maintenance.

GoDaddy has always promoted its brand through risqué Ads. It garnered negative publicity when its founder Bob Parsons killed an elephant in Zimbabwe and posted a video online. Such, and other controversies have let its competition voice their opinion over unlawful behavior of GoDaddy. Whether you believe the negative publicity or just need an exit strategy in case GoDaddy becomes too dicey an option, here are some great GoDaddy alternatives.


This is one of the easiest websites to go to for first-time users. It offers unlimited bandwidth as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee. It even offers 4,500 templates to change the appearance of your site. It has 3 plans – the ‘hatchling plan’ for beginners at USD 3.96 per month, the ‘baby plan’ for professionals at USD 6.36 per month, and the ‘business plan’ for eCommerce stores at USD 10.36 per month. All of their plans offer unlimited bandwidth. It even offers reseller plans, by which you can earn some side money by hosting websites for third parties.


DreamHost offers plans for websites running only on the Ubuntu system. It offers a customized control panel to manage billing, as well as a ticketing system for tech support. One thing it doesn’t offer is phone support, but it does have a live chat option, and offers email support in case the chat line is busy. Their web hosting plans start at USD 8.95 per month, with a registration and renewal price of USD 5.99 per year.


Namecheap is another web hosting site like GoDaddy. It offers different prices, from a yearly plan to a five-yearly plan, and also offers discounts according to the domain name. It offers other services such as private email hosting, reseller plans to host third party websites, as well as free DNS. It gives you a yearly subscription of WhoisGuard to protect the privacy of your website. You can register your domain for as low as USD 3.98 per year. They offer a professional package at USD 19.88 per year with 50GB storage space. The unlimited package with unlimited space comes at USD 29.88 per year, and the basic package with 20GB space comes at USD 9.88 per year.


One of the largest domain registrars in the world, Hover currently manages 10 million domains online. It even offers to transfer your website from another domain like GoDaddy. You can get your domain name registered at just USD 5.00.

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